Wednesday, October 7, 2015

XQ : Measuring your X quotient and Getting a Job

Time Magazine (June 22, 2015) cover article on XQ by Eliza Gray.   I picked up the the issue Time Magazine at the local community college library - HVCC and got interested in the article written by Eliza Gray.

Origionally I thought the tests measure the EQ or IQ or maybe a combination of both plus more.  But what is XQ?  EQ is the emotional intelligence, judging emotions and controlling emotions in yourself and others and the factors that contribute to success in life.  IQ are the intelligence measures that commonly represent your skills in understanding, thought and comprehension.  XQ is measured personality traits gauge your success in different roles or job functions and are related to your own traits.

Test taking is a critical tool used as a way to assess personality, talents and training.   I did take the talent management test which produced a set of DISC scores.  After a few days I was sent an attachment email with a report explaining my natural talent and nurtured talent.  This test was offered as part of a virtual career fair,  thrown by the IEEE region 6 or SouthWest area in 2015. 

Big Data takes hold and Eliza Gray's article gives us a glimse of the future of the workforce.  These personality tests are tools that can gauge productivity, customer satisfaction and  limit employee turnover. 

How well do these tests place candidates in jobs that fit their personality?  Are you interested in working for a company that monitors your temperment in real time while you are at work?

The technology that drives the movement is

Big Data - collect and mine through data for information

Analytics - look for patterns in data collected and learn to make this data of good use

Fears are that these tests buttonhole people based on how well these tests measure their personality types. 

If you have the time to read this issue of time do it!