Friday, September 25, 2015

How About Learning to Sell Yourself First?

Learning how to sell yourself is one of first way to getting what you want in Life.  I joined Life Leadership Company and browsed through a list of leadership books.  Here is one that caught my attention.   I asked myself if I could only sell myself I would have a great job offer and a healthy paycheck.  Lots of friends and great relationships with my family.

So Interested in leaning how to sell your way from failure to success here is a great book to read.


Author Frank Bettger shares the formula for success in selling in this comprehensive book, How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling.

From cover to cover, he shares one priceless insight after another, showing you:
·   The power of enthusiasm
·   How to conquer your fears
·   The secret of turning skeptical prospects into enthusiastic buyers and raving fans
·   The fastest, most effect way to win confidence and
·   The 7 Golden Rules of closing the sale

Frank knows first hand the difference these simple strategies can make. At 29, after an arm injury ended his baseball career, he was failing miserably in his new position as an insurance salesman.
Less than ten years later, at age 40, Frank was the proud owner of a considerable country estate and could have easily retired – if he wanted to!
Discover the secret that revolutionized his life and put it to work in yours!

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