Friday, April 22, 2016

The Getting Ahead Program

I joined this Getting Ahead Program by taking a class for 12 weeks at a local church in Schenectady NY.  Our inside economic view of the class structure in the US, is on a person by person basis.  My own place in society was effected by unemployment.

The Getting Ahead Program wants to address the following: Poverty is getting worse. More and more people are slipping into situational poverty due to loss of employment, low wages, health issues, or other circumstances. Communities, agencies, and entities around the country—and world—are taking action to help people escape “the tyranny of the moment” and take control of their lives.

This course helped me work through how to assess my current resources, then make plans to rebuild my life by setting goals and measuring results.  Making plans for change, setting SMART goals that address all 11 resources including, financial, emotional, physical, social capital, integrity / trust, motivation / persistance, language, knowledge of hidden rules, role models / relationships , mental cognitive, and spiritual.

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