Thursday, January 28, 2016

Learning to See Better Naturally

Esther Joy van der Werf's personal vision history

Esther Joy writes:  My own experience proves that 16 years of blurry vision can clear to 20/20 clarity within a few weeks, under relaxed circumstances and with conscious awareness of vision habits.  There have been cases in Dr Bates' clinic who regained perfect eyesight almost immediately.  I've had one man come to me who only needed one hour to see better and was then able to pass the drivers test that he had just failed for the first time. And a nearsighted friend who couldn't see any letters on the eye-chart without his glasses read the 20/50 line without glasses after one month.  This speedy improvement may happen for you too, but it is not similarly fast for everyone.  

See Better Naturally -

Event at the Honest Weight Food Coop is See Better Naturally with Marion Reynolds
Whether you wish to relieve stressed and achy eyes, or reverse an ever increasing glasses prescription, this introductory talk offers a non-medical holistic approach. We will explore some underlying causes of vision distress and learn simple relaxing activities which can restore the healthy vision habits you were born with.

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